Cleaning your Body Jewelry daily with a mild antibacterial soap is the key to eliminating abscesses or cysts, but sometimes they need a little extra help. That's where salt soaks come in. Sea salt soaks draw out the impurities, clearing the bacterial infection and loosening dead skin cells and dried puss. Simply mix 1/8 teaspoon sea salt with water and soak your piercing blister three times a day until it is completely gone. Salt soaks usually do the trick, but certain boils may call for an herbal compress, like a chamomile tea bag soaked in hot water. A popular solution used to clean new rose gold nose ring is H2Ocean, and you should always keep some on hand. Give it time Once whatever is wrong with your piercing is completely healed, you then can then change your jewelry to whatever you want. But still, select high-quality jewelry purchased only from a professional shop and let them put it in. If your piercing blister rears its ugly head again, repeat the steps above. Remember—piercings are open wounds, and the healing process can be filled with ups and downs. If your body piercing jewelry bulk becomes painful, red or hot, or excretes green ooze, go see a doctor for a more aggressive treatment.
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